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KEENE STATE COLLEGE OPTION DELETION FORM DATE: October 2007 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Education, MS 2611 Chairs: Dottie Bauer (8-2864) & Len Fleischer (8-2846) PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Evie Gleckel and Nancy Lory on behalf of the faculty teaching in the special education, early childhood, and elementary education certification options. TITLE SUMMARY: SECONDARY SPECIAL EDUCATION OPTION PROPOSED ACTION: Other: Option deletion EXISTING (OLD) DATA: 5. Secondary Special Education Option 60 credits, plus content area major This option is designed to develop skills in identifying, assessing, and teaching students with mild to moderate special needs in the middle/junior high and high school settings. Emphasis is on inclusion of students into regular education programs to the extent feasible and on identifying and providing necessary support services. Option Requirements: o EDUC 100 Issues in Education (2 credits) o EDUC 231 Curriculum for a Diverse World o EDUC 331 Secondary Methods I o EDUC 332 Secondary Classroom Management (2 credits) o EDSP 333 Secondary Special Education Issues (2 credits) o EDUC 431 Secondary Methods II o EDUC 432 Educational Theories/Trends o MATH 171 Structure of Number Systems o MATH 172 Application of Number Systems o SPED 301 Context for Teaching Students with Special Needs (3 credits) o SPED 401 Instruction and Curriculum Design in Special Education (3 credits) o SPED 420 Assessment in Special Education (3 credits) o SPED 439 Methods and Practicum: Secondary (6 credits) o SPED 525 Transition Planning and Programming (3 credits) o SPED 465 Student Teaching and EDUC 405 Student Teaching (total of 12 credits) or SPED 460 Student Teaching (special education only) (12 credits) RATIONALE: The Secondary Special Education Program had extensive requirements that made it difficult for students to complete the program in four or four and a half years. Given that the Education Department wants to encourage students who are certified in secondary education to obtain certification in special education as well, we are concurrently proposing a post-baccalaureate program that leads to special education certification. Students may take two undergraduate special education courses that they can use toward their requirements. A description of this post-baccalaureate option will be included in a paragraph in the undergraduate section of the catalog. In the future, the department will be proposing a master’s degree option. RESOURCES: This change will shift faculty responsibilities from the undergraduate program to the graduate program as students opt to pursue the special education certification at the master’s level. ADVISORY OPINIONS: Secondary Education Faculty


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