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KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2007-2008 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE: September 14, 2007 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Department of History, Dr. Gregory Knouff, chair (gknouff@keene.edu) 358-2961 PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Dr. Nicholas Germana (ngermana@keene.edu) 358-2362. TITLE SUMMARY: HIST 339 – THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT PROPOSED ACTION: (Underline proposed changes .) Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Other: New Course EXISTING (OLD) DATA: None PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE TITLE: Hist 339: The Age of Enlightenment PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will explore central themes of the period in European history known as the Enlightenment (1650-1800), such as race, gender, religious tolerance, materialism, and political engagement. Students will explore these themes in writing assignments and class presentations based on close readings of primary and secondary sources. Occasionally. LEARNING OUTCOMES: The course will explore this period through an examination of the social, political, economic, and intellectual forces that shaped European society during the Age of Enlightenment. The three main goals of the course are: 1) To familiarize the students with the important people, events, and social/cultural/intellectual movements this period. 2) To challenge the students to examine the period with the critical thinking tools of a historian. 3) To develop students’ writing skills through short essays and a longer research based writing project. RATIONALE: The European Enlightenment marks the birth of modernity in the western world. This course will provide students the opportunity to explore major themes from the period and gain an understanding of how the Enlightenment shaped the world as we know it today. This course was offered as a Topics class (Hist 390) in the fall of 2006, and a course is currently being offered on Women in the Enlightenment. RESOURCES: Dr. Nicholas Germana, Assistant Professor of History No additional resources are required. ADVISORY OPINIONS: SIGNATURE PAGE 1. Sponsoring Department: _____________________ Chair: _________________ For ___ Against ___ Abstain___ Absent ___ Date ________ 7-0-0-0 10/3/07 2. Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs: Review & Comment: Signature: Date: ________ 3. Editor of the Catalog: Review & Comment: Signature: __________________________ Date: ________ 4. Advisory Opinions: List the names of the affected departments and include department responses. 5. Division Curriculum Committee: Comment: For ___ Against ___ Abstain ___ Absent ____ Chair: ____________________ Date ________ A&H SCC vote: 7-0-0-1 Date: 10/12 6. Dean: Comment: Approved____ Not Approved____ Signature: Date ________ 7. Senate Curriculum Committee: Comment: For ___ Against___ Abstain ___ Absent ____ Chair: _____________________ Date _________ 8. Keene State College Senate: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: _________________________ Date ________ Other action:


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