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KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL HNRS 301 Global Engagement DATE OF SUBMISSION: January 2009 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Honors Program Director: Dr. Helen Frink Proposal Sponsor: Dr. Jo Beth Mullens and Dr. Anne-Marie Mallon PROPOSED ACTION Course Addition PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER and/or TITLE: HNRS 301 Global Engagement (country name to follow, i.e. Global Engagement: Peru) PROPOSED COURSE DESCRIPTION: Intensive interdisciplinary immersion in a cultural experience outside the US. Through cohort-based research and learning, students reflect on their roles and responsibilities as global citizens. Readings, discussions, and on-site projects analyze artistic, social, political and/or environmental issues facing their host country. Must be completed before fall of senior year. Enrollment limited to 12. Prerequisite: Admission to College Honors Program or permission of instructor. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will be able to able to: • Analyze the assumptions and actions of society from multiple perspectives • Demonstrate knowledge about cultures, societies, religious worldviews and /or political/economic systems outside of the US context • Critically examine their own cultural perspectives and privileges in response to their learning and living experience outside the United States RATIONALE: This course addresses the following Honors Program Learning Outcomes: students will be able to: transcend boundaries between experiential and classroom learning demonstrate social engagement and an awareness of global issues Study away is a hallmark of successful Honors Programs, as defined by the National Collegiate Honors Council. At the end of their sophomore year Honors students will be expected to participate in this course, unless traveling abroad for their major discipline. Students will prepare intensively while on campus, spend approximately two weeks abroad, and return to campus for research, reflection, and work on individual projects. RESOURCES: Initially faculty may use Davis Grant funds to develop this course, as well as other sources such as faculty development grants. In the future, the Honors Program budget will need to include funds for faculty travel. The Morris Foundation has provided $25,000 in initial support for students traveling abroad in the Honors Program. SIGNATURE PAGE 2008-2009 HNRS 301 Global Engagement 1. Sponsoring Program: ___Honors Program________________ Chair Signature: _______________________ For __13_ Against __0_ Abstain_0 Absent 4_ Date _Sept. 26, 2008____________ 2. Advisory Opinions: List the names of the affected departments and include department responses. Communication, Journalism, and Philosophy For: 10 Against: 1 Abstain: 1 Absent: 0 Chair: Ann Atkinson Date: March 3, 2009 3. Dean: Comment: Approved____ Not Approved___ Signature: _________ Date ________ 4. School Curriculum Committee or the Interdisciplinary ISP Subcommittee: Comment: For ___ Against ___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: ________________________Date ________ 5. Senate Curriculum Committee: Comment: For ___ Against___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: __________________________Date _________ 6. Keene State College Senate: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: ____________________________ Date ________ 7. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Approved___ Not Approved____ Information___ Signature: _____________________Date ________ 8. President: Approved___ Not Approved___ Information___ Signature: ______________________Date ________


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