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Updated 18 April 2008 KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM NOTE: Please review the Senate Curriculum Committee Guidelines for instructions on completing proposal form. (refer to pages 4 - 5 for proposal details) DATE OF SUBMISSION: October 1, 2008 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Geology P.A. Nielsen 8-2553 pnielsen@keene.edu PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Steven Bill 8-2552 sbill@keene.edu PROPOSED ACTION: Underline or boldface proposed changes. Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Other: CURRENT COURSE NUMBER, TITLE and DESCRIPTION: GEOL 152 Evolution of the Earth Introduction to Earth History and the processes which have shaped the Earth since its formation. Topics include absolute and relative correlations, plate tectonics, and the origin and evolution of the lithosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab, weekend field trip(s) required. Prerequisite INGEOL 151. Spring PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER and/or TITLE: Abbreviated Course Title, if necessary: GEOL 252 Evolution of the Earth Updated 18 April 2008 LEARNING OUTCOMES: To demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process; critical, creative, and analytical thinking problem-solving; quantitative reasoning; and communication skills To understand the major principles geologists use to understand the evolution of the Earth and the Solar System. To learn the basic principles used to correlate and to date the geologic record. To learn the basic principles used to interpret sedimentary environments/ facies from the rock record. To learn to identify the major fossil taxa (phyla, some classes) and their basic paleoecology To learn the basic principles used to construct and interpret geologic maps and cross sections. To interpret the ‘local’ geologic history through field observations and exercises To interpret and evaluate the record of changes in the physical environment of Earth To interpret and evaluate the record of changes in the biosphere of Earth RATIONALE: The number change better reflects the content of the course and the level of difficulty of the material. In addition, the General Science program noted if we change the course number to 200 or higher, that this course could count towards the General Science major, which geology views as appropriate. RESOURCES: Indicate whether additional staffing, facilities, and/or equipment will be required Steven Bill (tenured, full time) What additional library resources will be required? None ADVISORY OPINIONS: BA in General Science (Option 1) will need to revise their Program Planning Sheet to reflect the course number change.


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