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2007 - 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2007-2008 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE: 16 October 2007 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Music Department – Joseph Darby, Chair. PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Craig Sylvern , 8.2185 TITLE SUMMARY: MU 239 VOCAL LITERATURE EXISTING (OLD) DATA: This course focuses on the study and performance of vocal literature from the various historical periods. Prerequisite: MU 102 in voice, or permission of instructor. Spring PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE TITLE: n/a PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes. Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Other: PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE DESCRIPTION: n/a LEARNING OUTCOMES: RATIONALE: This change is being made to: 1 establish parity within all the performance degree areas. Currently, vocalists, pianists, and guitarists are required to enroll in a literature course, but wind players and percussionists take Introduction to Electronic Music instead. Requiring this course of all majors will assure that students in all performance areas are enrolled in comparable curricula; and, 2 eliminate redundancy in the course offerings. The Music Department offers two literature courses for performance majors, MU 235 and MU 239, but their descriptions and learning outcomes are very similar. Creating a single course would consolidate and simplify the department’s course offerings. RESOURCES: No additional resources would be needed for vocal, piano, or guitar literature sections (these are already offered regularly). Since there are very few performance majors in the wind/percussion area (currently five), the wind and percussion section will be offered as needed. The section will be taught by either Professor Chesebrough or Sylvern. Teaching load will be adjusted as needed. This is similar to what is currently being done for MU 326 (Applied Pedagogy) when wind and percussion performance majors need to enroll in it. What additional library resources will be required? None ADVISORY OPINIONS: n/a Updated 14 May 2004.


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