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Fall 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM NOTE: Please review the Senate Curriculum Committee Guidelines for instructions on completing proposal form. (refer to pages 4 - 5 for proposal details) DATE OF SUBMISSION: 9/30/08 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Sociology and Anthropology Acting Chair, Margaret Walsh, 358-2905, mwalsh@keene.eduu PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Acting Chair, Margaret Walsh, 358-2905, mwalsh@keene.eduu PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes. Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement CURRENT COURSE NUMBER, TITLE and DESCRIPTION: SOC 260 Popular Culture This course focuses on dominant ideas or ideologies of inequality and how they are perpetuated (or not) in mass media and popular culture products such as TV shows, movies, songs, websites, games, and the like. Spring. PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER and/or TITLE: None, course deleted. LEARNING OUTCOMES: None. RATIONALE: Last year we added two Integrative Studies courses, IS-Soc 225 and IS-Soc 260, as perspectives courses. At the time of the proposal, we weren’t sure if we wanted to delete the original titles from the catalog, because we thought that it could make sense to offer those courses from time to time outside of the auspices of Integrative Studies. After giving it further reflection, we do not foresee the need to offer either course under their previous titles. Therefore, we would just prefer to delete both courses, and only list the ISP versions of the titles for clarity sake. RESOURCES: None. ADVISORY OPINIONS: None.


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