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Fall 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM NOTE: Please review the Senate Curriculum Committee Guidelines for instructions on completing proposal form. (refer to pages 4 - 5 for proposal details) DATE OF SUBMISSION: 9/30/08 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Sociology and Anthropology Acting Chair, Margaret Walsh, 358-2905, mwalsh@keene.eduu PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Acting Chair, Margaret Walsh, 358-2905, mwalsh@keene.eduu PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes. Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement CURRENT COURSE NUMBER, TITLE and DESCRIPTION: SOC 101 INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY Introduces basic concepts, theories, and methods of sociology, which is the systematic study of society, culture, social institutions, organizations, and groups. Develops a sociological perspective on social issues, problems, and events. Provides an overview of major subfields in sociology. Fall, Spring. PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER and/or TITLE: Abbreviated Course Title, if necessary: DELETED PROPOSED COURSE DESCRIPTION: DELETED LEARNING OUTCOMES: DELETED RATIONALE: Sociology is adapting to the Integrative Studies Program by adding a 100 level sociology course that will fulfill a Perspectives requirement for ISP. The new perspectives course will not be a requirement for our major, as Sociology 101 traditionally has been. Therefore, we have decided to eliminate Sociology 101 as a required course in our program, and to replace that with a new course entitled “Soc 201: Introduction to Sociology Major”. This course will be available to students majoring in sociology, and will incorporate aspects of our current required course Sociology Proseminar. Therefore we are also deleting Sociology Proseminar from our list of required courses. We feel as a department that these changes will best serve both our major students and students who take sociology for Integrative Studies requirements. NOTE: ****The following courses will no longer require SOC 101 as a pre-requisite**** -Soc 270 -Soc 275 -Soc 277 -Soc 290 -Soc 301 -Soc 320 -Soc 325 -Soc 326 -Soc 327 -Soc 340 -Soc 345 -Soc 350 -Soc 361 -Soc 380 -Soc 390 -Soc 490 RESOURCES: No additional resources are needed to implement these changes. These courses are being deleted. ADVISORY OPINIONS: NONE


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