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Fall 2008


Dear Becky and William, I’ve studied the Science Curriculum Committee vote, and want to address their statement that the proposals are “not ready for the catalog.” Descriptions for the two courses whose forms are attached here were minimally revised at the March 27th HPAC meeting, since they were just 3-4 words too long. The interdisciplinary capstone course’s “Examples of Topics” in the “Rationale” section was revised by the interdisciplinary subcommittee of the ISPC. While it’s true that the HNRSA 290 course and others (HNRSH, HNRSN, HNRSS) are generic or templates, they are modeled on the 290 special topics courses now in the catalog for each department, and conform to Tom Richard’s and Jack Sears’ recommendations. The Science Curriculum Committee asserts that we don’t yet know what honors courses will be offered in Spring 2010. Academic departments I participate in haven’t yet identified their course offerings for spring 2010 anyway, and as soon as I’m sure the honors program will pass the Senate, I’ll again solicit faculty interested in teaching. (I’ve begun numerous exploratory conversations already). Committee members questioned me about ongoing support for student scholarships. I’ve worked closely with Sean Gillery, who believes that the Morris Foundation will continue its annual giving of $100,000 for 4-year scholarships of $1,000/year for each entering honors student, plus $25,000 in travel aid. Sean and I have just finalized and sent out a report and a request for continued funding. However, I recognize the validity of this concern, and have asked Provost Mel Netzhammer for his response. The gravest ongoing concern is faculty resources. The Sciences feel over-stretched to a greater degree than the two other schools because of their lab courses. Their comments demonstrate that faculty feel the ISP hasn’t been adequately funded, and the Honors Program is now receiving some retroactive opposition to ISP. While I’ve explained at great length that honors students absorb almost no resources beyond those for regular ISP offerings, I recognize that faculty continue to find this response unsatisfactory, and again have asked the Provost for a stronger statement of support. Becky, I hope you’ll share this e-mail with SCC members, and that you and William will see that these updated proposals for the two courses attached are the ones forwarded to the Senate. I’d be pleased to attend the SCC meeting, but leave it to your judgment what would be most helpful. I will plan on being at the Senate on April 15th. Dr. Helen H. Frink, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages Honors Program Director MS 1301 Keene State College Keene, NH 03435-1301 603-358-2956 From: Dunn, Rebecca Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 6:40 PM To: Frink, Helen Subject: RE: update on the College Honors Program Hi Helen, The SCC met today, and we are still planning to review the Honors proposal next week. However, the committee members feel that your presence at the meeting is not necessary at this time. Members feel as if they have all of the information in writing, and many were present at the faculty meeting in March. Best, Becky


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Memo from Helen to share with SCC members