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KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2007-2008 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE: October, 2007 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Education, MS 2611 Chairs: Dottie Bauer (8-2864) and Len Fleischer (8-2846) PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Evie Gleckel and Nancy Lory on behalf of faculty teaching in the special education, early childhood, and elementary education certification options TITLE SUMMARY: EDSP 354 Assessment Special Education 2 credits PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes . Course Addition Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Number Change Title Change Credit Change EXISTING (OLD) DATA: . PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE TITLE: EDSP 354 Assessment in Special Education 2 credits PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Examination of the role of formal testing in a collaborative special education process; planning, interpreting, and applying assessment results for pre-referral teaming, eligibility decisions, and IEP development. Prerequisite: EDSP 350 or permission of instructor. Fall, Spring LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, students will:  identify the purposes and process of assessment, including the legal and ethical issues related to assessing students with learning differences;  describe the special education assessment process and the major issues within that process;  formulate specific assessment questions;  identify appropriate formal in conjunction with informal procedures needed to address the assessment questions;  administer, score and interpret formal assessment tests and list appropriate modification and program suggestions based on the results of your assessment;  evaluate the technical and pragmatic qualities of assessment instruments and procedures;  articulate the roles of the special educator, classroom teacher(s), family, student, administrator, and related service providers as a members of the interdisciplinary team;  conduct assessments appropriate to the role of the Special Education teacher (e.g., standardized and curriculum based assessments; observations);  interpret assessment results, formulate recommendations for intervention, and develop appropriate goals and objectives;  present assessment results and recommendations effectively in writing and orally including reports from other specialists (e.g. SLP, OT, PT);  integrate the findings/input of all team members into a coherent report which includes suggested interventions; RATIONALE: The role of assessment in the field of special education permeates much of what professionals do. This course focuses on the examination of the values of formal instruments, constructs, and related language and their purposes with regard to the legal mandates and utility for practitioners. This course will hone in the debates surrounding formal testing across the stages of special education process. Informal approaches to assessment will be more directly addressed and aligned with differentiated approaches to instruction and behavior intervention in EDSP 250 Context for Special Education, EDSP 350 Curriculum Design, and EDSP 352 Behavior and Social Supports. RESOURCES: Who will teach this course: Is additional staffing needed? How often will the course be offered? Existing faculty and staff. Course will be offered each semester and in the summer. What additional library resources will be required? Has the library been consulted to determine the adequacy of library holdings or to estimate the cost to improve these sufficiently? Yes. No additional resources needed at present. ADVISORY OPINIONS: Education Physical Education Teacher Certification Option Music Education Secondary Education Option(s)


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