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2007 - 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2007-2008 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE: October 17, 2007 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Department of Economics and Political Science Chair: Patrick Dolenc, pdolenc@keene.edu, 8-2629, MS 3400 PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Armağan Gezici, agezici@keene.edu, 8- 2686, MS 3400 TITLE SUMMARY: Industrial Organization PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes . Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Other: EXISTING (OLD) DATA: PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE TITLE: ECON 440 Industrial Organization PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Addresses questions of imperfect competition, the effect of market structure on behavior of firms, concentration & monopoly power, cartel formation, anti-competitive practices and anti-trust issues. The course uses game theory to analyze strategic behavior of firms with a focus on case studies from industries in the United States economy. Prerequisites: ECON 250. Spring, odd years. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will develop analytical skills necessary to apply the concepts of economic theory to analyze the relationship between market organization and firm performance in various industries. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the economic role of the government as the regulator of various industries. RATIONALE: This course exposes Keene State College students to a core field of applied microeconomics and provides an opportunity to build on an area of expertise that newly-hired Assistant Professor Armağan Gezici brings to the College. RESOURCES: No additional resources are needed. Assistant Professor Armağan Gezici will offer this course every other spring instead of ECON 310 Game Theory which has been deleted. Existing library resources are sufficient for this course. ADVISORY OPINIONS: This course will serve as an upper division elective for economics majors and minors. No department or program will be adversely affected by adding it to the catalog. Updated 14 May 2004.


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