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This issue of Aspect has a blue back and cover with a photograph by Roger Camp. The volume is edited by Edward J. Hogan and Ellen Link and runs to nineteen pages. The back of the front cover includes a table of contents and the subscription fees, advertisement rates, a call for submissions, and the date of the first issue, March 1969. Following the first release date is a note that Aspect is listed in the 1971-72 directory of Little Magazines, Small Presses & Underground Newspapers, its membership within the Committee of Small Magazine Editors & Publishers (COSMEP), and the New England Small Press Association (NESPA).

The June 1972 issue opens with a short story in eight numbered sections by Mark Nekell “Another Raven,” followed by nine poems, two political essays, a photograph, and a final poem. The poems are by A.D Winans, Bill Meissner, Lon Spiegelman, Emma L. Womac, Richard Latta, R. Daniel Evans, Angela Bristow, and Paulette Caroll. The two political essays are by Harry Greenwald, “Why the System Still doesn’t Work in Massachusetts,” and Edward J. Hogan, “The Primary system is Sound.” Before the final poem by Molly Beck is a photograph by Roger Camp.

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Aspect/ Zephyr Press


American Politics | Literature in English, North America | United States History

Aspect Magazine vol. 7, issue 50, June, 1972