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This issue begins with an ochre soft-cover illustration by Jean Segaloff and is edited by Edward J. Hogan, Gail Braatelien, Pat Hollopeter, and Ellen Schwartz. The issue is held together by two staples on the spine. On the inside front cover, a table of contents lists the poets, the writers, the artists, the editors, and other miscellaneous information.

Poets in this issue include Susan Strayer Deal, Eric Cashen, Joan Colby, Richard Latta, r.d. swets, Robert Pinsley, Margaret Rabb, Robin Becker, Judy Neeld, Christine Zawadiwsky, Fritz Hamilton, William Hounshell, Fayad Jamis, Renny Hartmann, and Lori Petri.

Also included in the issue is a short story by Frederick B. Paine, as well as two political pieces, one by Eugene L. Meyer and another by Edward J. Hogan. Meyer’s piece examines the looming threat of urbanization while Hogan’s supports the efforts of gonzo journalism and small magazines. Quotes by Richard Nixon and journalist Eric Sevaried are included as well.

Other artists in this issue are Jeanette Hogan, photography; Harland Ristau, ink drawing; and John Mason, typography.

The last section of the issue contains a “$$ for Fiction” section and a “Small Presses news, reviews” all written by Edward J. Hogan. The “Small Presses” section includes a review of Post Office by Charles Bukowski, a book of poetry titled How to Walk on Water by Janet Beeler, and magazines, titled Akwasasne Notes, The Unspeakable Visions of the Individual, and ENVOI. The issue ends with a note to readers encouraging members to submit their own work (articles, poetry, artwork, short stories, reviews, drama, cartoons, photographs, and humor) and the date of the first issue: March 1969 (extended from front cover), a thank you to a woman named Ruth Greene, and a note mentioning that the magazine is a member of both the Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers (COSMEP) and the New England Scholastic Press Association (NESPA). On the back cover of the issue there is a description for the authors and illustrators and also a quote by Charles Bukowski.

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Aspect/ Zephyr Press


American Politics | Literature in English, North America | United States History

Aspect Magazine vol. 10, issue 53, November-December, 1973