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This volume of Aspect is coedited by Edward Hogan, Gail Braatelien, Pat Hollopeter, Robin Becker, and Ellen Schwartz.includes and includes poetry, short stories, book reviews, and black and white images. It is a turquoise paper back stapled bound issue, that has forty-four pages. On the inside of the cover is a list of contents and information on Aspect’s advertising rates.

This issue contains artwork from two female artists. The cover of Aspect January - February is the first black and white image illustrated by Ruth Greene. There are two additional images in the magazine by Caroline McAllister. The images are not titled. The issue has two untitled poems by Michael Ward and additional poems by Richard Snyder, Enilie Glen, Bruce Robison, Eric Cashen, Patrick McGrath, Robert Wrigley, Paulette Carroll, r. d. swets, Shari Gant, Richard Latta, Elliot Fried, Guy R. Beining, M. C. Case and Marilyn Gravett.

The issue also includes a short story, “Is This Our Dance?,” by Lee Brian, an article titled “Energy Crisis: Fact & Fiction,” by William Blum, and a book review by Edward J. Hogan, “Underhanded History of the USA” that contains two satirical cartoon illustration on white supremacy. At the end of the issue there is a Small Presses section that includes a description of “Montreal Writers Co-op” by Edward Hogan, a reference to a long poem “The Pastorals” by Robert Kelley and a collection of “One Shot Deal” by L. Zirlin, P. Oppedisano and B. Pelosi. This issue concludes with a section of thanks Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines (CCLM) and a satirical thanks to President Nixon. The editors also apologize to Harland Risaus for forgetting to print the title of his drawing in the November - December 1973 issue of Aspect.

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Aspect/ Zephyr Press


American Politics | Literature in English, North America | United States History

Aspect Magazine vol. 10, issue 54, January-February, 1974