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The cover of this issue is a photograph by Roger Camp of an illuminated circle touched by two different hands with the word ASPECT in calligraphy by Karen Hilliard at its center and November 1971 in calligraphy on the lower right of the circle. The layout of the cover is by Edward J. Hogan.

This volume of Aspect is co edited by Edward Hogan, Deborah Becker, and Frances Tsu-Huai Yuan. This issue begins with two short stories, Paulette Carroll’s “Duel” and Don George’s “Free” followed by an illustration by Ricahrd Latta. The issue includes a non-fiction essay by Edward J. Hogan who writes “Population: Theory and History (2)” the second of a 3 part essay that appears in the previously published issue and the following issue. The issue includes short untitled poems by Don Foster, Richard Latta, and Judy Shepps. The artwork throughout the short works is mostly abstract. This issue includes a Small Presses/Books Received section with a note about the journal Cosmopolitan Contact, a “polyglot magazine for international friendship,” and a book of poems, Lyrics (Tom Henricks Associates) by James G. Goodwin.

Publication Date

Fall 11-1971


Aspect Magazine


Boston, Massachusetts


American Politics | Literature in English, North America | United States History

Aspect Magazine vol. 6, issue 33, November 1971