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Physical Dimensions

11.5 x 16 in (frame included)


Cottage in the center with a black wolf standing on the left side and a goat standing on the right, both animals are in clothing and standing on their hind legs.

Artist's Statement

A mother goat told her kids as she went off for food to open the door of their house only when she called out her special words. But a wolf overheard the goat’s goodbye, imitated her voice and, when the kids opened the doors, ate up all but one. Not satisfied, the wolf came back later and tried to lure the bereaved mother goat to a place where he could eat her, too. But the mother was too smart for the wolf. She challenged him to try to jump across a deep pit, and when the wolf fell into it, his stomach burst open and the kids ran out and back to their mother. On version of the story concludes, “From then on they lived happily, acquired wisdom, and eschewed evil.”

Cataloger Date

12 March 2012

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Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Collection Storage

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A Gift from the Cheremeteff Gallery (owned by John Grove)


Allison Gillette


Lee Germeroth