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19.25 x 24.25 in (frame included)


Fox wearing a dress is running and holding a chicken, a cat is yelling in the background


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Artist's Statement

When their master went to work in the woods, his cat went to help him and his rooster was left to watch the house. But a fox tempted the rooster and was about to devour him when the cat heard the rooster's cries for help and ran to his rescue, warning him never to trust the fox again. A second time the same thing happened, and again the rooster was rescued, and warned. The third time, the fox tricked and caught the rooster again, the rooster shouted for help again, but the cat was too far away to hear, so the fox ate the rooster up. The cat and his master told each other, sadly, "This is what comes from not heeding warnings."

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27 February 2012

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Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Collections Storage

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A Gift from the Cheremeteff Gallery (owned by John Grove)


Allison Gillette


Lee Germeroth