About KSCommons

KSCommons is a service of the Keene State College Mason Library to provide stability and long-term storage for the research and teaching output, institutional records, and archival collections of the campus. The repository also maximizes exposure of Keene State faculty and student research to a worldwide audience. Members of the Keene State College academic community are encouraged to contribute their scholarship to KSCommons.

Why Contribute?

  • Persistent URLs linking to your work
  • Accessible to researchers worldwide
  • Long term digital preservation
  • Works easily discovered through Google or Google Scholar
  • Digital publishing of campus-created eJournals
  • Increased citations; number of downloads tracked

Types of Materials Maintained in KSCommons

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers, presentations, posters, and proceedings
  • Research papers
  • Technical reports
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Multimedia
  • Books and book chapters
  • Data sets
  • Teaching materials

Supported File Types (for submission)

While we will accept files in the following formats (and possibly others) we will likely  convert the final presented material to adhere to a currently evolving standard (denoted).

KSCommons recommends particular file types to streamline the workflow involved in standardizing file types and maintaining the integrity of the original artifact.

  • Text: PDF, Word, RTF; all files are converted to PDF when imported into the repository
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF; all images except in special circumstances will be converted to JPEGs
  • Audio: AIFF, MP3 “unprotected” (DRM-free) AAC, WAV; all audio files except in special cases will be converted to a TBD file-type
  • Video: MPEG, QuickTime; all video except in special circumstances will be converted to MPEG
  • Data: XML, Comma-separated values
  • Native file formats when necessary (e.g. Photoshop or Illustrator files)

Other formats may be included for supplementary materials, but are less likely to be converted when technology changes.

When we convert to new formats, we will change the format of a file, but not the information in it. For example, the repository managers will not update hyperlinks, other external references, or out-of-date information within a paper or supplementary file.

For more information, see our FAQ page, read our Collection Development Policy or contact kscommons@keene.edu

To propose a project or piece of research for submission to KSCommons, please fill out this form